Back pain and Traditional Chinese Medecine


My back is painful…

What can I do?

TCM can be an effective way to resolve back pains.

After asking some questions about your life habits

The praticioner observe your tongue and make chinese pulse palpation

What’s for?

He collects informations to make a correct chinese diagnosis which is completely different from western medecine

And ????

With all these informations

He chooses the right combinaison of acupuncture points.

By stimulating these points vitality of the body is greatly improved

Finally painful zones are relaxed

Does it last?

In many cases yes

But may be you have to adopt a healthy lifestyle and the TCM praticionner can help you!

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Traditional Chinese Medecine in Aix en Provence

TCM is a great value for your health!

If you are interested by natural way of recovery

If you want to improve your health and your wellness

If you want to understand why you fall ill

If you think health is a mix between mind and body

If you are fascinated by oriental global vision of human body

You are ready to experience TCM!

For 3000 years in Asia TCM has been used as a complete care system…

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